#5 Tips to increase Instagram following

Instagram recently updated few changes in the way it works as of late. On the positive side, you can now able to post pictures that aren’t square, you can like comments of others on your pictures, included Instagram stories and enhanced their editing tools and channels and you can likewise go live.

Today, WEXT.in Community comes with #5 Tips to increase Instagram following:

1. Creative Pictures & Content:

Being creative and really is an ideal approach to increase your fan following. At first engaging a particular demographic will enable you to get your foot in the entryway and start the procedure of experimentation. Your content & picture creativity will dependably be the choosing variable in your capacity to get a post to go viral.

2. Hashtags:

Posts with hashtags always perform a better. As basic as it might sound, hashtags do have any kind of effect – simply make a point to maintain a strategic distance from the prohibited ones.

3. Maintain a theme:

Pick a theme(color combination, a method for posting) for your account, concentrate on it, and don’t simply bounce everywhere.

4. Don’t be like Google:

Don’t copy pictures from Google Images. It will not create lots of engagement with Instagrammers. If you want to post a picture of a common place then make sure picture should be amazing.

5. Educate your audience

Always, Try to educate your followers and Instagrammers cause people are not interesting in common content. Try to post something new and increase your follower day by day.

WEXT.in Team

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