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FounderHub is a one stop platform through which they envision to solve the problems of the entrepreneurs by offering them a vivid range of products. Cover story, their first product is currently live on the website where we showcase the journey of a startup.

Why FounderHub?

India is expanding and time is changing fast. Letter “E” plays an important part viz. “Entrepreneurship” and “Employment”. Citizens are moving from an Employment first culture to Entrepreneurship first country. The startup ecosystem saturated in 2016 but with the first quarter of 2017, it has been soaring. Now India has been listed under the top 3 startup countries in the world. According to FICCI, ”The total investment in a startup has been INR 1,117 billion and more than 10,000 startups have been funded to date. Entrepreneurship and manufacturing play a huge part in developing the economy of the country. Hence, we at FounderHub help the budding entrepreneurs to start and scale up their business faster.


Their mission is to convert India from a Startup agnostic to Startup friendly ecosystem, where every person can become an entrepreneur.


Our vision is to become a part of every entrepreneur journey. We aspire to create an ecosystem where we can empower the budding individual to become innovators and bring a fresh wave of change globally.

Elaborate more on Cover Story Product:

We have a different take on every cover story. Each story of ours is targeted to a different set of startup audience for e.g. through our Students Stop story we tried to reach out to the student community whereas with Ravgar, which is a mobile cover designing brand for I-Phones they reach out to a community who owns an I-phone or aspires to have an I-phone.


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