Getting Started with PHP Introduction

getting-started-with-php-introduction Community is now going to start eLearning Sessions for Programming Languages from Industrial Experts. Let start with PHP.

PHP is a server-side scripting language planned essentially for web development additionally utilized as a generally used Programming Language. Initially created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, the PHP reference usage is presently created by The Web Development Team. PHP initially remained for Personal Home Page, however, it now remains for “Hypertext Preprocessor”.

What Should you already know to get started with PHP?

  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic Javascript(Optional)

What is a PHP File?

PHP File is a file that can be executed on Server to run PHP Scripts & results will be displayed on Browser directly. PHP File include text, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX & PHP Scripts. PHP File Extension is “.php”.

What Can we do from PHP Scripts/Code?

Using PHP Scripts/Code, we can do these operations as mentioned below:

  • We can create Dynamic Web Pages.
  • We can Create, Open, Read, Write, Close, Delete File on Server.
  • We can collect Data from Web-based Forms.
  • We can Add, Update, Delete Data from Databases.
  • We can Create & Destroy Cookies & Session in a Browser.
  • We can use PHP to Control User Access.
  • We can encrypt & decrypt Data.

Why PHP?

  • Using PHP, we were not bounded to get our Output in HTML Format. We can get Output in Images, PDF’s & even Flash Movies. We can also get Output in text such as XHTML & XML Format too.
  • PHP supports all the OS Platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix & MAC OS X).
  • PHP is flexible with almost all the Servers(Apache,  IIS etc).
  • PHP is Open Source Server Scripting Language & Easy to Use.
  • PHP is only the which is ease to learn & Run on Server Side.
  • PHP supports the wide range of Databases.

Stay tuned with Paras Gaba at Community for more PHP Blogs.

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