Google the most valuable and powerful Brand in the world

Every year Brand Finance evaluates thousands of world’s biggest brands to test every year, which are the most powerful and valuable brands and companies.
Google has taken top as most valuable this year, beating big brands like Apple, Amazon, AT&T, Microsoft Samsung, and Facebook. After 2011, this is the first time again that google has been held as world’s most valuable brand title. According to Brand finance report the company “remains largely unchallenged in its core search business, which is the mainstay of its advertising income,”
Unlike Apple and Amazon, Google doesn’t sell anything that a customer can buy and keep in the pocket. Yet now, Google has yielded the top spot. Why & how is always something that is exciting to think about.
Google always focuses on improving the way its customers connect with information and the way this company provided the variety of tools and services for advertising of all sizes of firms make it outstanding.
With their product and ideas, it made its customers so addicted to open google and use it for a day in day out; to check the weather, to look for the best holiday destination, to check for any cooking recipe, to find the best route etc.
Google has grown steadily to dominate online search worldwide and with that, they have the substantial share in online advertising too.
One of the very good sayings I read recently about Google is “Google builds a strong business while others make money”. Being an admirer of Google and it’s business strategies I cannot disagree with that statement. Innovations in the fastest growing areas like search engines, multimedia, smartphones etc. show the same and it is a customer centric company.
One of the features which make google unique till date is; Google sees innovation as part of the mission of the company and empowers its employees to get creative.
Google have also shown that failure is an opportunity to being again more intelligently. There are some products which have failed but if the product is not bringing enough users, they have always packed, lesson learned and moved to the next idea.
There are many reasons why Google is so successful today and I feel every reason behind this success is to be remembered and valued.

Susmitha Nori

Susmitha Nori a Post Graduate in Computer Science and simultaneously completed post-graduation in human resource management from distance education. With her educational experience, she has been offered to work as an IT recruiter by a consulting company and she has been placed at Computer Associates (CA) for Technical Recruitment and then worked for Kenexa Recruiting for clients in the United States.

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