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Heart Up My Sleeves has raised Rs 25 lakh by Shark Tank India

In Season 1 of Shark tank India, Sony T.V. has unfolded a gateway to entrepreneurs from startups to solidified significant investments. In its initial episodes, the shark tank newly spotted yet another 23-year-old young woman entrepreneur ‘Riya Khattar’, the owner & founder of  Heart Up My Sleeves.

Shark tank India sensation Anupam & Vineeta took a straight stake in the fashion detachable statement sleeves & extended their support, encouraging the young girl to diversify the product line. While Ashneer, Namita & Aman rejected the business idea straightforwardly due to the company’s scalability & small product portfolio.

The company finally secured the sharks to raise INR 25 lakhs for an overall 30 percent equity from Shark tank India sharks Anupam Mittal, Founder & CEO of People Group & Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics.

About The Heart Up My Sleeves

Heart Up My Sleeves is a startup that creates very intricately designed silhouettes and styles. They are already famous and have quickly caught on in the fashion scene through e-commerce on Instagram & company websites. The startup designs were also worn by trending celebrities like Neha Kakkar & Hansika Motwani.

The customers cherished its unique designs and styles, whether they were going out for a special wedding day or needed clothes for work or everyday life.

The Heart Up was established as a way for people in the fashion industry to access unique and trendy pieces at an affordable price point with a quick fix to any design.

The company, founded by Riya Khattar, generated a revenue of 11.5 lakhs in merely nine months of the establishment. The company’s products were recently listed on Nykaa Fashion. The featured shark tank startup also plans to enhance its product portfolio shortly with detachable collars, capes, brooches in the prospective years. 

Problem Solved By Heart Up My Sleeves

The business idea brought up by Riya Khattar was sustainable & reusable  ‘Detachable sleeves’.

Riya, grown in the streets of Delhi, wanted the ever fashion-conscious women to provide more options to pair up with their already existing costumes lying underutilized in their wardrobes using her innovative & creative Detachable Sleeves.

The detachable statement sleeves featured on the list of  Shark tank India startups can be paired with multiple outfit combinations to create a new look with different outfits. A fashion sleeve design makes it easier for women to wear any outfit of their choice.

One of Heart Up My Sleeves aims to make sure that its products are versatile and can be used in many different ways. This includes their sleeve design which allows them to be reused multiple times without being damaged or uncomfortable.

We wish a great future to ‘Heart Up My Sleeves’ by bringing up more unique ideas for our ever-enthusiastic fashion engaged Indian women.

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