How to Book an Uber without having an Uber App


Whenever you need an Uber Cab, most probably you need a smartphone having an Uber App. Today, Community comes with a trick to Book an Uber Cab without an Uber App. If you’re sitting in front of PC on your office/home, you don’t need to pick your smartphone. Actually, Its quite easy to Book an Uber Cab using any Web Browser.

Let’s Follow these steps to Book an Uber Cab on Web Browser:

Step 1: Open any of Web Browser, Go to
Step 2: On the next screen, you prompt for your Registered Number and Password.
Step 3: After Submitting your Contact Number and Password. Next, you’ll receive an OTP on your registered Number. And once you entered that, you’ll be redirected to Booking Page.
Step 4: Once you’ve signed in, there will be prompt to use location services. You can enable/disable it, then you’re taken on booking screen.
Step 5: Here enter your Pickup Location and Drop Location.
Step 6: After entering pickup and drop location, you’ll see all trip details like fare estimates, time to pick up, cab options. Payment Method will also be listed below that, then hit the request button.
Step 7: And, you’re good to go.

Hope this will beneficial for you to Book an Uber without having an Uber App.

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