Hello Guys, Here Fazal Mahfooz. This is my first Blog for the topic Embedded System. I am sure if you are the beginner on this topic you must be having a lot of questions in your mind. Don’t worry I will make everything very easy for you guys.

Before starting I want to tell you few things my way of teaching is way more different than others. I teach things in very informal and friendly manner. I know you guys are used to learning things from books and google with a very serious people. I am “Serious by work not by Mood”.

So guys lets start the craziest thing you ever did in your life with the coolest gadgets on our planet. My first question is what do you understand by Embedded system and where is it exactly used?? well, the answer is everything which you see around you I mean literally everything from ting to tong ding to dong is a part of embedded system. The laptop or phone on which you are reading this blog has small and tiny components or to be precise micro-controllers and the microprocessor.

Embedded System devices are present and future of our world. Next question which will be coming to your mind will be that what are microprocessors and micro-controllers? Well, the answer for this will lead to another question what is the difference between these two?

Answers will be given I will ask another which of the above is in own computers and Laptops??

Well, the answer is we are having both in our present day PCs and Laptops. The basic difference between them is micro-controller is a used to do a specific task at a time I.e. in its one-time cycle or machine cycle it can only work on a single task and also it has all things like Memory bus data bus peripherals like ADC, USART etc is embedded in a single chip.

While in the case of your microprocessors it can work on different things I.e, it can do ‘N’ number of the task in a single time cycle. It supports feature of multitasking. And we have to connect different peripherals externally.

My last question was what we are actually having in our laptops and PCs whose answer I had given as we are having both the things in our systems. You guys must me wondering that how is it possible to have both the things in our systems.

Let me give an example of that, are you guys are fond of watching any TV series?
Yes or no?
Well, i am a superfan of Game of the throne. I hope you also watch that.
Well coming to the point. Suppose you were studying something on your laptop from a pdf file. After 2-3 hr what will happen to you? I am sure you will be tired :p. So after that, you will go to your pastime folders like movies or tv series. You will just minimize your pdf file and start watching your GOT(i told you I am superfan :p).

In this process what will happen have you ever imagined? No no? When you are pressing (control+alt+delete) your task manager will open n over there you can see all the processing running including your PDF and VLC media player. Well, guys as I had told you earlier in this blog who is responsible for multitasking. Yoo mans it’s our microprocessors who are doing these processes.

Now you all buddies will be thinking about what the hell our microcontroller is doing on our laptops and PCs.
Well, guys now I am telling you what exactly our micro-controller do in our PCs and Laptops. Have you ever tried connecting two mouses at the same time? Have you got two cursors over there? No, never you will be getting two cursors. The controlling part is done by our micro-controllers.

So here is the basic introduction of Embedded to you all hope you liked my way of teaching. In the next tutorial, we will be dealing with some serious things like what are different controllers and their families. Follow my this series it will be a great fun to stuff on embedded devices.

Bye for now 🙂

Stay tuned with Community for more Interesting Blogs by Fazal Mahfooz.

Fazal Mahfooz
Fazal Mahfooz is an Embedded Engineer & expert in 8051, AVR, PIC and ARM controllers. He has done a lot of embedded system projects and had trained more than 10k+ students including IITs and NITs. Had also trained professionals from DRDO in different Microcontrollers. He is a very big fan of Game of thrones ?

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  1. Nice start…

    1. Thanks Gaurav Srivastava…
      Stay tuned with Community for more Updates on Embedded System.

  2. An amazing article. Initially I had a lot of doubts on embedded systems , but this very article cleared all my doubts and made me understood the basic concepts of embedded system.

    1. Thanks Hasan for this kind of Support..

  3. guess who I am Mr. opensource/maths teacher.. nice blog btw

  4. 786 an easy introduction of embedded system

  5. Amazing sir, wish you luck!

    1. Thanks Jayant.. Stay tuned with Community for more Updates

  6. This article is crystal clear in the aspect of concept and it helped me know many new things

  7. although i am a commerce student but the way you explained is so, easy that i understand each n every line…..well done ?

  8. Amazing… GOOD LUCK Dost…

  9. Sir its amazing and a fabulous start. Best of luck

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