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Most Common Network Issues (and How to resolve them)

Networks play an important role in improving the productivity of the business. It connects various devices & people that are using them even at distant places.

But you have to agree on this point that even experienced IT professionals can’t handle it properly because it is extremely difficult to manage. A small error can ruin the whole system, so it is necessary that everything should do uniformly work.

However, if you know about the root causes then it becomes extremely easy to solve the entire issue. So, it’s important to know that whatever the problem is and what are the ways to solve it easily.

Identify the Real Network Problem!

It’s very important to know whether the problem is the real problem or just appears like a problem. Just like, an app starts working slowly or results in slow connections, then the problem may be in app & not on the network itself.

To know the real problem, you must know the difference in the two by using packet sniffing software. By using own investigatory findings or using diagnostic tools, you can understand what’s the real problem.

Common Problems

Here are the main problems that you may face:

1. Slow Internet:

Slow internet tremendously hurts a person. There may be numerous problems behind it, such as the improper working of the router, many devices using the internet at one time or many more problems you may face. To get these solved, it’s important to thoroughly know about these & fix these too.

2. Signal without connection:

Sometimes, you may face the problem of non-connectivity with the network, even after getting the signal from the router. Its reasons may be, the router’s range is not proper to connect. In this case, you can put the device near the router & try to connect. But if still, you are facing the same problem then the problem may be in your hardware. To tackle it, network card can be replaced, or updated in drivers etc. In extreme cases, you may be required to change the whole hardware.

3. Periodic interruption:

Most of the time, networks operate smoothly but if you observe periodic total outages or you face problem to connect devices that mean there is some problem that needs attention. There may be many reasons for the same but disabling WINS/NetBT may clarify the issue.

4. IP conflicts:

It is the common functioning of the computer that only one IP address per device can take access the network at a particular instant. It’s rare that two devices can have the same IP address, but if this happens it hampers the normal functioning which causes IP conflict. To avoid this conflict, set DHCP setup to exclude static IP address.

5. Issues related to VOIP quality:

Many issues are associated with voice calls such as interruptions, delays, and quality issues. Installing jitter buffers will create small caches of VOIP information to ensure the smooth streaming. You can also update your drivers and install new playback codes.

6. Accessing a limited connection:

If you are accessing a limited connection that you may get a window error message caused by a technical glitch. Windows is now available with updates to prevent such errors but if you still face a problem, hard reset your network router.

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