PayUMoney Payment Gateway Integration in PHP


Today, TechnoGripper India will give you steps for How to integrate PayUMoney Payment Gateway in PHP. Integration of PayUMoney Payment gateway is confusing for the first time and also some of my visitors request us for this tutorial. We are just trying to brief you in simple steps, Please have a look on this steps:

Step 1: Create PayUMoney Merchant Account at and follow the instructions over there to activate your PayUMoney account. Once the account is approved you can start integrating.

Step 2: Please find the code for PHP File to process the payment.

In this code, you need to replace <Merchant Key> with your PayUMoney Merchant Key & <Salt> with your PaUMoney Salt key. You’ll get this in your PayUMoney Account.

Step 3:

Success Page: In the case of payment succeeded, the page will redirect to success.php page with $_POST method and success parameters. You can do the further process of success payment here.

Failure Page: In the case of payment failure, the page will redirect on failure.php page with post method and failure parameters. You can do the further process of failed payment here.

That’s all. Now Check the Payment Process.

If you’ll get any error, you can reach us at

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