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Techniche’18 – Annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati

Just like a rainbow gets its grandeur from the balanced blend of seven colors, each edition of Techniche promises to be a perfect blend of creative ideas, innovation, and selfless efforts. It has the vision of motivating the youth of the country to think outside of the box and be responsible for the inception of such ideas that boost the growth of the techno-management sphere. Techniche brings forth a medley of remarkable events, be it the inspiring keynotes of prominent personalities in The Lecture Series or the opportunity to interact with eminent industrialists in The Industrial Conclave. From thrilling Robotics competitions to knowledge enhancing Workshops, every bit of Techniche will be a wonderful experience. With innovative ideas like Technothlon – the International School Championship and the Guwahati Half Marathon as well as other outstanding initiatives, Techniche stands proud as one of the best techno-management festivals of the country.

Techniche’18 Events Schedule

Event Name Module Event Date Registeration
Panel Discussion (NASA & ISRO) Lecture Series 1st Sept 2018
Industrial Conclave Industrial Conclave 31st Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 1st – 29th Aug
Guwahati Half Marathon Initiatives & GHM 26th August Open
Escalade Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Nautilus Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Robocalypse Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Mad Max Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Glide-A-Rama Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Phototron Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Burnout Robotics 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Startup Showcase Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Innolabz B-Plan Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Virtual Stock Market Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Sales Olympics Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Case Study Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Data Analytics Corporate 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018 Open
Cryptophobia TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
CodeJunk TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Emulate TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Animate TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Astrophyesta TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Codescape TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Alphazeo TechOlympics Various Rounds Open
Workshops Workshops 31st Aug Open

Techniche’18 Events Brief

Techniche Lecture Series

Techniche, the annual techno-management festival of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is proud to announce that for the first time in its history of 20 years we will be organizing an event which will change the face of scientific events happening all over the world. This year the twentieth edition of Techniche has brought to you a Panel Discussion by scientists from NASA and ISRO on a topic which is ringing in every other tech enthusiast’s head. Something which we all are inquisitive about but has never found any source to match our curiosity. Space Colonization – Does a future await us light years away?

The discussion will be led by the notable scientists working in the domain of space who’ve been working for years to achieve this dream of life outside our blue planet. Striving to maintain our endeavor of excellence, we are glad to announce that some distinguished dignitaries from NASA and ISRO will chair this discussion on the latest developments in space sciences and technology. The discussion would be centered around mankind’s attempts at setting up space colonies and the feasibility of such a venture.

Space Colonization has been a hot topic in the field of astronomy for years now and through this panel discussion, we hope to present it to a widespread audience. The panelists will share their views on the agenda as they seek to unravel the aura of space colonization. Speaking on the occasion, Purvish Shah, Convener, Techniche 2018 said, “This is a proud moment and a huge step for us as the Techniche IIT Guwahati takes a huge step forward with our first ever panel discussion. With the recent attempts by SpaceX and numerous other private and public organizations, the prospect of Space Colonization requires to reach a wider audience. We are honored to have distinguished individuals from NASA and ISRO as our panelists.”

Guwahati Half Marathon (GHM)

The Guwahati Half Marathon has become an integral part of Techniche family. It is a tradition which has been changing this society bit by bit. Spreading the love in this world is what this tradition aims to be.

On 26 August 2018, We all run together to change the perception of lives among people, we run in support of Digital India – a means to empower and a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity.

Register Here:

Techniche Robotics Events

Escalade: Escalade is the national Robotics competition conducted by the Robotics module of Techniche. The prelims stage is scheduled to be held on 8th July 2018. Prelims in Guwahati will be held during Techniche, 30 August to 02 September. Metropolis has been wrecked in the recent battle between Doomsday and the Justice League. People are trapped inside buildings but can’t get out. Until Batman can figure out a way to evacuate them, you have to construct a bot to deliver care packages to those people Are you up for the task? Construct a bot to complete all the tasks given.

Register here:

Nautilus: Build a Remote Operated Robot that can Traverse Underwater And Maneuver Successfully under its own Power to Complete the task at hand.

Prizes Worth Rs. 50000/-

Register here:

Robocalypse: Can you Build one Bot to rule them All? Techniche presents to you Robocalypse! You either Win or you Splinter.

Prizes Worth Rs. 1,00,000/-

Register here:

Mad Max: Build two Robots: One which can Shoot Ping-Pong balls And one which can Dodge And Make its way to the Finish Line! Years After the end of Civilization, A Tyrannical Immortan takes control of most of the few Humans Still Breathing as his Prisoners to the Citadel. The rest is in search of a chauffeur who can transport the Prisoners from the Citadel across the Fury Road to the Present Human Base in order to Build an army to end the Immortan’s Rule.

Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000/-

Register here:

Glide-A-Rama: Floods in the North East caused Unprecedented Damage. Lots of People are Dead and others are in Dire Need of Food and Medication. Design an Aircraft that can Navigate Through the Rumble of the City and Deliver Food and Medicines to the People with Good Precision.

Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000/-

Register here:

Phototron: Build an Autonomous Robot that can detect different shapes and patterns using Image Processing to Complete the Given Task.

Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000/-

Register here:

Burnout: For all those who Believe in setting the Place on Fire! Here’s a Live Experience of a Racing Tournament. Build your own Remote Controlled IC Engine Car And Come on Board!

Prizes Worth Rs. 70,000/-

Register here:

Techniche’18 Corporate Events:

Startup Showcase: Startup Showcase is a Platform which provides Budding Entrepreneurs to Pitch their Startup Ideas to Experienced Venture Capitalists who will not only Judge you But Mentor you in your Long Run. You also Get a Chance to Find Funding to build your Startup from Infancy to a full Grown Tree.

Register here:

Innolabz B-Plan: B-Plan is a Golden Opportunity for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Present their Ideas. It is an Ideal Platform to Pitch your Ideas and Get Valuable insight from Leading Venture Capitalists And stand a chance to Receive Mentorship from the people who know the Ins and Outs of the Corporate Industry.

Register here:

Virtual Stock Market: Virtual Stock Market is a Stock Market Simulation for Colleges, Universities, Corporations, and Investors. It helps to Learn about Stock Trading on Virtual Trading Platform.

Register here:

Sales Olympics: Remember Leonardo Dicaprio’s famous dialogue “Sell me this Pen”? Sales Olympics provides you an Amazing Opportunity to Test your Creativity And Marketing skills to Present your Product in the Most Enthralling Way.

Register here:

Case Study: Case Study Competition involves an Up-Close, In-Depth, and Detailed Examination of a Subject of Study (The Case), as well as Its related contextual conditions. Techniche provides you the Platform to compete with like Minded People and chance to Meet Professionals in the field.

Register here:

Data Analytics: Data Analytics Hackathon is a Unique event designed to Spread Awareness about Data Science and Encourage new Talent to Join the field by Focusing on Developing Data Science Solutions for Prominent Industry Challenges.

Register here:

Techniche TechOlympics Events:

Starting from August a quest to win through a myriad of competitions will begin. Talent will be tested by mind-blowing problems and the winner takes home astounding prizes with online events like Codejunk and Animate and offline events during Techniche like Emulate, Cryptophobia, and Codescape, there is something for everyone and each one can suit their interest through the plethora of choices.

So Avengers! It’s time to assemble!

General Championship: A Competition in which Teams will compete against each other In Different Events of TechOlympics And Robotics, and Try to Bag as many points as they can by bringing in the Best in the Field.

Learn More:

Cryptophobia: Every Cipher is Vulnerable, at least to the yet Unknown Attack.

Learn More:

CodeJunk: A competition to put your Coding and Time Optimization skills to test.

Learn More:

Emulate: Live in your World, Play in ours.

Learn More:

Animate: Animation is not the Art of Drawings that move But the Art of Movements that are Drawn.

Learn More:

Astrophyesta: Imagination is more Important than Knowledge.

Learn More:

Codescape: Let the code take over. A competitive coding competition hosted on IIT Guwahati during Techniche

Learn More:

Alphazeo: Alphazeo National Level Championship 2018 is an Online Workshop Series jointly organized by Techniche, IIT Guwahati. The Workshop Series will Be Delivered by Certified Professionals along with Mentors in the Respective Domain. Based on the Workshop Series, A Competition will be organized Online & Also in Zonal Centers.

Learn More:

Techniche TechExpo

Techniche (The annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati) now in its 20th edition has taken up the initiative of organizing TechExpo, with the cardinal aim of bringing to light the technological advancements made by the youth of this country and provide an opportunity to showcase their innovations on a larger platform. The prime motive is to inspire the young minds in India to engage in creating new ideas and to promote the idea of innovation very much along the lines of Make In India and Startup India.

“Registrations closed!!! Further registrations will be taken only through mail. Reach us at or 

Learn More:

Stay tuned with Community for more updates for Techniche’18, IIT Guwahati

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