Tempting famous Vegetarian Punjabi Dishes

Makki Ki Roti, Sarson Ka Saag:

It is a tasty winter food in Punjab. It is comprised of mustard greens and spices. This is rich in supplements and flavor, makes it immaculate, crisp and natural composition. It is, served with butter or ghee in it and presented with Makki ki Roti which is comprised of corn-floor.

Chole Bhature:

It is a fiery mouth watering dish which is acclaimed in Punjab and in another north Indian state. It is a blend of chana masala and singed bread called Bhatura which is comprised of maida. Rich in taste enjoyed by everybody.

Kadhi Pakora with Rice:

Untouched taste as it makes with besan and Dahi and vegetable pakora on it. It is served with rice and bread too. You make it thicker and thinner by adding some cream and more Dahi on it according to the taste.

Rajma Rice:

A scrumptious formula rich in protein and iron. An extraordinary wellspring of carbohydrate when we join it with rice.favourate in each home as it is anything but difficult to make and rich in taste.

Paneer Butter Masala

Conventional Punjabi formula with delicate bits of paneer and a rich fragrant gravy of tomato, Indian spices, onion, cashew. It is presented with any bread like chapatis, baked roti, parathas and so on.

Aloo Paratha

A simple and quick dish which is practically served in each home as a breakfast. These parathas are a combination of aloo stuffing and a few flavors. You can utilize any fixing in it’s stuffing like lemon juice, vegetables in it as indicated by your taste to make it tastier and presented with green chutney, ghee, butter, Dahi and so on.

Daal Makhani

A popular dish with fundamental ingredients is rajma and urad dal with Dahi and cream. It takes a long preparation time to become a thick and traditional recipe. It can be served with rice or chapati both.

Bhindi Masala

It is a simple formula as you make it with the essential ingredients at home with bhindi, tomato, onion, and fundamental flavors which make it amazing and on the off chance that you need to include some gravy in it, you can add a cream or khoya and make it awesome in taste.

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Rekha Gaba

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