Top 10 things that Entrepreneur need to stop now

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Being an Entrepreneur is hard. It’s truly hard. There isn’t a playbook, instructional manual, video or life story that can furnish you with enough data to make it simple.

While the trouble is simply some portion of the arrangement, there are various things that entrepreneurs/founders frequently get themselves snared in that, without question, make it harder. Let’s Have a look on Top 10 Things that Entrepreneur need to stop now.

  1. Focusing on too many things at once.
  2. Following shiny objects
  3. Using the word “I”
  4. Building companies with no revenue
  5. Asking investors to sign non-disclosure agreements
  6. Thinking that you’re the only company in your domain
  7. Building photo sharing and mobile dating apps
  8. Building terrible “lean” products
  9. Working yourself to death
  10. Lying to yourself or others about your traction

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