Twitter’s Latest Feature to Identify Your BFF

You will no longer miss the tweets from your closest friend as Twitter is trying another feature that highlights tweets from a select, single individual it supposes you ought not to miss.

According to a blog on TechCrunch on Friday, a solitary person’s tweets will get their own particular exceptional spot on your course of events.

The element is like Twitter’s ‘In Case You Missed It’ which gathers together the tweets from those records you all the more frequently draw in with, or others that Twitter supposes you may like.

Like the “ICYMI” highlight, the user can reject this new “BFF” feature when it shows up, telling Twitter that you need to see this component less frequently.

“The record it indicates you depends on various signs – how regularly you connect with the record being referred to. Rehash engagement is additionally used to figure out if or not Twitter demonstrates to you the module by any stretch of the imagination,” the report noted, including that the test was in progress for select clients on iOS, Android, and the web.

In any case, it was indistinct how accurately Twitter has made sense of whose tweets users might need to see the most.

“…I don’t think I like anyone enough to legitimize this new feature you’re attempting,” the report cited a Twitter client kidding.

Susmitha Nori

Susmitha Nori a Post Graduate in Computer Science and simultaneously completed post-graduation in human resource management from distance education. With her educational experience, she has been offered to work as an IT recruiter by a consulting company and she has been placed at Computer Associates (CA) for Technical Recruitment and then worked for Kenexa Recruiting for clients in the United States.

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